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Orientation (Source: Pixabay) This two-part orientation to Central Texas College, Distance Learning, and Blackboard will help you become a successful CTC Distant Learner. Each part is available in both video and PowerPoint format.

We also recommend that you explore the resources available at the My Institution Page and Student Center inside Blackboard, our Learning Management System.

Student Orientation Part 1


Part 1 of the orientation is appropriate for all CTC students, not just those taking online courses. These are the outcomes:

  • What is Central Texas College?
  • Who are our students?
  • Introducing CTC Distance Education and Educational Technology (DEET)
  • How classes relate to your education
  • Keys to success

Student Orientation Part 2


Part 2 of the orientation provides a tour of Blackboard. These are the outcomes:

  • How to navigate the course menu
  • Define plagiarism
  • How to select a tutor to meet your educational goals
  • How to find Blackboard technical assistance
  • How to identify yourself using BioSig
  • Recognize your role as a student
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