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Scholastic Honesty

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This statement is from the Academic Policies section of the CTC Catalog:

All students are required and expected to maintain the highest standards of scholastic honesty in the preparation of all coursework and during examinations. The following are considered examples of scholastic dishonesty:

Plagiarism - The taking of passages from the writing of others without giving proper credit to the sources.

Collusion - Using another's work as one's own, or working together with another person in the preparation of work, unless such joint preparation is specifically approved in advance by the instructor.

Cheating - Giving or receiving information on examinations.

Students guilty of scholastic dishonesty will be administratively dropped from the course with a grade of "F" and subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension and expulsion.

The digital age has given students new ways to commit collusion and cheating. These include, but are not limited to, manipulating quizzes and exams to obtain the correct answers or extend time limits, asking or compensating a third party to complete your coursework, or Googling questions as you are testing.

The digital age has also given instructors new ways to identify collusion and cheating instances, such as the use of SafeAssign, BioSig-ID, and tracking of IP addresses.

The faculty and staff of CTC hope all students practice scholastic honesty to gain the greatest benefit from their CTC experience. Students who choose to do otherwise might not get caught the first time or even the second, but chances are that they will eventually.

In addition to disciplinary action by CTC administration, these students might also suffer other consequences: financial loss related to tuition assistance or credit card abuse by a person hired to write a paper or take a test, lack of preparation for a later course for which the current one is a prerequisite, difficulty in being accepted to other colleges or universities, failure to obtain employment as the result of negative references or background checks.

In other words, a bad choice in one class could affect a student the rest of his or her life! CTC wants students to be successful and to reach their personal and professional goals.

Spend your time wisely by doing your own work. Don't waste your time and money searching for "easy" answers. It will be worth the effort!

By taking CTC courses, you agree that all required papers, exams, class projects or other assignments submitted for credit may be submitted to SafeAssign or similar third parties to review and evaluate for originally and intellectual integrity.

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