Faculty Supervisors and Department Chairs

Subject Area Faculty Contact Email Department Chair Email
Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology Meredith Sims meredith.sims@ctcd.edu Dr. Tracy Cook tracy.cook@ctcd.edu
Business Administration Angela Reese Angela.reese@ctcd.edu Les Ledger les.ledger@ctcd.edu
Child Development Jean (Gina) Lombardi jean.lombardi@ctcd.edu Dr. Laura Lamper laura.lamper@ctcd.edu
Computer Information Technology and Systems Katherine Oser katherine.oser@ctcd.edu
Developmental Studies
Electronics Katherine Oser katherine.oser@ctcd.edu
Emergency Medical Technology Julie Jordan julie.jordan@ctcd.edu Tammy Samarripa tsamarripa@ctcd.edu
Engineering Sam Jackson sam.jackson@ctcd.edu Debra Prescott debra.prescott@ctcd.edu
English and Foreign Languages Dianne Blomberg Dianne.Blomberg@ctcd.edu William Heath william.heath@ctcd.edu
Fine Arts Katherine Paige Tracy ptracy@ctcd.edu James Salter james.salter@ctcd.edu
Histology Neil Moody neil.moody@ctcd.edu Tammy Samarripa tsamarripa@ctcd.edu
Homeland Security Raymond (Ray) Stephens raymond.stephens@ctcd.edu Les Ledger les.ledger@ctcd.edu
Hospitality Ramona Lezo ramona.lezo@ctcd.edu Les Ledger les.ledger@ctcd.edu
Kinesiology Marilyn Mapes Marilyn.Mapes@ctcd.edu
Massage Therapy Viola Crowder-Moger viola.crowder-moger@ctcd.edu Tammy Samarripa tsamarripa@ctcd.edu
Mathematics Jennifer Cabaniss Jennifer.Cabaniss@ctcd.edu Debra Prescott debra.prescott@ctcd.edu
Medical Lab Tech/Phlebotomy Angela Lester angela.lester@ctcd.edu Tammy Samarripa tsamarripa@ctcd.edu
Mental Health Renee Henry renee.henry@ctcd.edu
Nursing Dr. Susan Ramnarine-Singh susan.ramnarine-singh@ctcd.edu Tammy Samarripa tsamarripa@ctcd.edu
Office Technology Lovie Dunn lovie.dunn@ctcd.edu
Paralegal Dr. Gene Silverblatt gene.silverblatt@ctcd.edu Les Ledger les.ledger@ctcd.edu
Protective Services: Criminal Justice and Fire Protection Jon Cella Jon.Cella@ctcd.edu
Science Jean (Gina) Lombardi jean.lombardi@ctcd.edu Marvin Price marvin.price@ctcd.edu
Social Science: Economics, Government Lyn Mack geralyn.mack@ctcd.edu Dr. Tracy Cook tracy.cook@ctcd.edu
Social Science: History Charles Gear charles.grear@ctcd.edu Dr. Tracy Cook tracy.cook@ctcd.edu
Speech Katherine Paige Tracy ptracy@ctcd.edu William Heath william.heath@ctcd.edu