DEET Blackboard Test Generator

Welcome to CTC’s Blackboard Test Generator, developed by the Distance Education and Educational Technology Department. For assistance with this test generator, please contact

  • This test generator will auto-detect 6 question types (Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Matching, Ordering, True/False, and Essay) if formatted following the rules below.
  • 3 other types of questions may also be used (Fill in the Blank, Short Answer, and Numeric Response) by putting the correct code before the question (see rules below).
  • See Question Examples for examples of how to use every question type.
  • Special characters will be automatically converted without any input from the user.
  • It is best to format the questions using Notepad not Word. Word will add formatting that may cause the test generator to not work.
  • Rules: Follow these rules to use the test generator correctly.
    Styling Codes: Styling codes are used to add bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript, or center align.
    Formatting Codes: Formatting codes are used to create a return line "Enter Key" or a tab space.
    Question Examples: Example questions with notes on how to use the test generator.
    Sample Test: Example test showing how the test generator works.
    Load File: How to use a load file to add questions to Blackboard.

    Check to keep choice lettering for multiple choice/answer questions