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Testing Requirements

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Identifying a test proctor outside of the Killeen area

The following are appropriate testing centers:

  • Central Texas College Continental/International site, or embassy.
  • Central Texas College Service Area Site.
  • Community College or University Testing Center.
  • High Schools may be used by their students (including dual credit) under the supervision of principal, counselor, or faculty, if permitted by Independent School District (ISD) administration.
  • Public Library facilities under supervision of Librarian or assistant.

The test proctor must be a neutral third-party professional employed with one of the above educational institutions and have a bachelor’s degree. Students who are overseas may use commissioned officers with a minimum of a bachelor's degree and who are not in the chain of command/supervision of the student. Students who  are not able to use one of these options must still obtain approval by providing a detailed explanation in the comments field of the Test Proctor Submission Form.

Proctors must have an official email address that has been assigned to them such as @ctcd.edu, @killeenisd.org, or @us.army.mil. Personal email addresses such as yahoo, hotmail, or gmail cannot be used.

The following are NOT appropriate test sites/proctors:

  • Friends or relatives
  • Personal Residence

Please make arrangements for testing at the beginning of your class to prevent delays, then submit the Test Proctor Submission Form to identify your test site. You must provide all information requested before your form will be processed.

Registering proctors who have never proctored for CTC

Once you have made contact with your potential test site and secured its hours of operation, testing procedures, and contact information, submit the Test Proctor Submission Form. You should receive an auto response confirming that your form was received. The CTC Testing Office will notify the proctor of approval and provide access information. Test Proctor Submission Forms are not processed until a week after class begins.  To check the status of your Test Proctor Submission Form, contact the CTC Testing Office at online.testing@ctcd.edu.

You will make arrangements with your proctor for test dates and times. Consult your syllabus or contact your instructor to determine which exams you must take. Test sites will not have this information; you must provide it.

Proctors already proctoring for CTC

Once you have made contact with your potential test site, please inquire if they are already registered as a CTC proctor. If they are, you do NOT need to submit a Test Proctor Submission Form. The test site will already have the ability to access your exams. You will still need to make arrangements for test dates and times based on the testing windows provided in your syllabus and proctor availability.  Bring your course and test information with you to the test site.

Normally, test site information is processed in 5-7 business days. 

If the exam is not available at your scheduled time, contact your instructor for further instructions.

Re-scheduling tests

Occasionally situations arise which make it impossible for online students to take exams within the published schedule. It is solely the instructor’s decision to approve re-scheduling. Students are responsible for securing that approval prior to the last day of testing.

Coordinate with the test proctor and schedule a new testing time in advance.  Students must supply the test proctor with the instructor’s written permission to reschedule. Late exams cannot be administered without the instructor’s approval.

Requests to re-schedule an exam should occur rarely and only in cases of emergency.

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