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Taking a test on paper

Most CTC distance education courses do NOT require proctored exams.
If your course DOES require proctored exams, please read the information below.

Attention Students:

Check proctor availability at your location prior to enrolling in courses.
Determine days and times testing can be conducted.
Ask about any costs for proctoring.  These are your responsibilities.
Finalize your proctor arrangements no later than the first week of class.
If you change locations during a class, repeat this process.

Failure to act in an appropriate manner at the testing facility may result in disciplinary action.

Identify or change a test proctor

It is your responsibility to identify a test proctor prior to or during the first week of class. A proctor may already be in place depending on your location.

  • Is it convenient for you to come to the CTC Testing Services office on the Central Campus in Killeen? For location, contact information, and hours of operation, see CTC Testing Services.
  • Are you in the military? Contact your local military education or testing center to see if it is already an approved location and offers testing services.
  • Do you not fit in either category above? Don’t worry! See our Testing Requirements page for suggestions on locating a proctor or testing center.

If you will NOT be using the Central Campus testing center, you will need to contact CTC Testing Services to provide your proctor's contact information. See their webpage at https://www.ctcd.edu/students/current-ctc-students/testing-services/, email testing.clerk@ctcd.edu or online.testing@ctcd.edu, or call 254-526-1194 or 254-526-1661 (toll free 800-792-3348 ext. 1661).

If approved by CTC Testing Services and your instructor, your test proctor will be notified and provided access information to administer your tests.

To check the status of your proctor’s approval, please contact CTC Testing Services at online.testing@ctcd.edu.

In the event that you relocate or need to change your testing location, notify CTC Testing Services prior to attempting to take a test.

Taking your test

When you go to take your test, bring a photo ID, and know the name of the course (example: HIST 1301), your instructor, and which exam you are taking (example: Test 2, Midterm). Know the requirements and restrictions as described in your course syllabus, such as time limit and whether or not any references or resources are permitted.

Re-scheduling tests

Occasionally situations arise which make it impossible for online students to take exams within the published schedule. It is solely the instructor’s decision to approve re-scheduling. Students are responsible for securing that approval prior to the last day of testing.

Coordinate with the test proctor and schedule a new testing time in advance.  Students must supply the test proctor with the instructor’s written permission to reschedule. Late exams cannot be administered without the instructor’s approval.

Requests to re-schedule an exam should occur rarely and only in cases of emergency.

Central campus distance learning students

  • Local distance learning students should use the Central Campus Testing Center, an open entry testing facility.
  • For further information, location, and hours of operation, see CTC Testing Services.

Placement exams

Students must take the Math Placement Exam before enrolling in college-level mathematics, and must take both the multiple choice and essay portions of the English Placement Exam to be placed into ENGL1301 Composition I. These exams are available online and must be taken in a proctored situation. Please refer to the information listed above to contact CTC Testing Services by phone or email to secure a test proctor.

For information about placement exams, rules for taking them, or interpretation of your placement exam scores, please contact the Eagles On Call Center at eaglesoncall@ctcd.edu or call 254-526-1296 or 800-792-3348 extension 1296.

The CTC placement exams do NOT satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.

Distance learners who physically reside in Texas or are bona fide Texas residents eligible to pay in-state tuition rates must satisfy the TSI requirements unless TSI-exempt or TSI-waived. Students who are not exempt or waived must take an approved TSI assessment prior to starting coursework at CTC. The CTC online placement exams cannot be used for this purpose.

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