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BioSig-ID™ Instructions

Bio Sig ID logo (Source: BioSig) As part of our initiative to improve student success and academic integrity, all online students are required to verify their student identity.

Federal regulations (Higher Education Opportunity Act, 2008) require that all institutions verify that the student who registers for an online learning course is the same student who participates in and completes the course.

As an online student, you will be asked to create a biometric password using a tool called Biometric Signature ID (BioSig-ID™). This password cannot be replicated by someone else.

Please Note: All BioSig-ID™ activity takes place inside your Blackboard course/s.

You will be asked at various points throughout the course to validate your identity.
Look for the BioSig-ID™ image BioSig Logo in your weekly learning content or when you are prompted automatically.

Watch the BioSig-ID™ Enrollment Process explained visually in the following video.

Questions/problems? Visit the CTC BioSig-ID™ Help Site for assistance or to submit a ticket.

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