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Off-campus Faculty and Staff: You must be connected via CTC VPN to use email services and to view the Faculty and Staff pages of the CTC website. Please contact IT if you need help setting up VPN. You can submit a ticket to help.desk@ctcd.edu, use the website chatbot at ctcd.edu, or  call 254-501-3103.

Students are NOT required to use VPN to access their Eagle Mail or Blackboard.

Central Texas College (CTC) is a recognized leader in providing educational opportunities to students all over the world, and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. We offer more than 60 certificate and associate degree programs entirely online, with classes starting monthly, using the Blackboard Learning Management System. Visit https://online.ctcd.edu/orientation.cfm for a quick tutorial on using Blackboard.

Why consider Distance Education?

This graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that weekly earnings increase as level of education increases.

Earnings and unemployment rates by education attainment, 2022

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A certificate or associate degree from Central Texas College has the potential to:

  • increase your lifetime earnings
  • improve your employability and chances of promotion
  • serve as a stepping-stone to a higher degree with further increases in earnings, employment, and promotion

The CTC Distance Education program gives you the flexibility to increase your potential, regardless of work, family, and other obligations. Central Texas College - for students of the real world!

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Student Evaluation of Classroom Course

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It was easy to follow along and access all of the required materials and reading. I liked using OERs and not having to buy a textbook.
I honestly cannot think of anything I did not like about this class. It was challenging without being overwhelming, which I cannot say for other courses I have taken. I believe this has been my favorite online course yet.
I liked how the discussion board was a grade which increased the interaction between classmates when the course was online. There is plenty of content in the modules and it has a lot of links and references to help understand specific topics which can be used in the future.
The class was straight forward. I liked the online platform because I work full time and have a child so it made it easier for me to complete the work on my own time.
I appreciate having the OERs offered for this course. Not having to worry about paying for expensive books every once in a while is a huge relief. I appreciate that my teacher for this class did not give us a bunch of empty busy work or difficult assignments. I felt I learned very well from the assignments given to me, and none of them were overly difficult or time-consuming.
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Central Texas College

Department Spotlight


Department Spotlight - Office Technology

The Office Technology Department helps individuals gain the skills needed for employment and promotion. With both a medical office technology track and an office technology track, we offer a broad range of degree plans at an affordable cost.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait; you can start in as little as two weeks and complete an entire certificate in one semester. Self-paced? Face-to-face? Online? Blended? You choose!

We are the Office Technology Department of Central Texas College, and if you want to transform your future, contact us today at Office.Technology@ctcd.edu or (254) 526-1382.

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