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Ready to try distance education? If so, you are in good company.

According to EducationData.org, over 33% of all students in higher education were enrolled in some form of online learning in 2017. The majority of them were undergraduate students, and 15% of them were enrolled exclusively in distance education courses. Commitments that do not allow for on-campus attendance are the most common reason for enrolling in online learning.

Reasons for online learning choices by students in 2023

Before you jump in to distance learning, make sure online courses are right for you:

CTC provides flexible options for Distance Learning. Here are some things to think about:

All CTC courses have start and end dates. The lengths of the courses vary between 8 and 16 weeks, with shorter classes at some locations and during the summer and holidays. The content of a course is the same regardless of its length. See our Online Course Schedule.

CTC offers flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. Some online courses are scheduled as self-paced with milestones. Choose a self-paced course with milestones if you need a minimal number of "hard" deadlines and can set up and adhere to a schedule for completing your coursework. Your instructor may provide suggested deadlines to assist you, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep up with your work and demonstrate consistent progress throughout the course. You may be withdrawn for failure to do so.

See Eagle Self-Service for details about the courses you choose.

Be sure that you know:

  • The length of the course (you may need to count the time from the start to the end date).
  • The delivery mode, i.e., online, blended, synchronous virtual, or MultiMedia (MM).
  • Whether the online course is self-paced or not self-paced
  • How to interpret Eagle Self-Service codes:
    • For Online not self-paced, Eagle Self-Service says "Distance Learning, 100% Online - No face to face; Internet; Online Lecture"
    • For Online self-paced, Eagle Self-Service says "Distance Learning, 100% Online - No face to face; Internet; Online S-Paced Lec"

Before Class

During class

  • Initiate contact with your instructor during the first week of class.
  • Maintain communication with your instructor.
  • Arrange for a test proctor if proctored exams are required.
  • Participate in class frequently.
  • Submit assignments in accordance with the assigned or proposed schedule.
  • Complete all course work on or before the last day of class.

Blackboard Ultra Student Orientation

Experience the Ultra view in Blackboard

  • Go to http://ctc.blackboard.com
  • Log in
    • Username: ctcbbuser24
    • Password: ctcbbuser24
  • On the COURSES page, click on "Bb Ultra Orientation for Students"
  • Navigate through the course to view and try Blackboard features

Blackboard logo (Source: Blackboard)
Blackboard Mobile App (Source: Blackboard)

More Information

For information about admissions, course registration, financial aid, and other general topics not specific to Distance Education, please refer to the CTC website, or email EaglesOnCall@ctcd.edu.

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