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CTC Distance Education Privacy Policy

CTC Blackboard requires a unique login to access courses. Each student can see only his/her courses and work in Blackboard and does not have access to other students' information. The only way another person can see a student's work is if the student provides his/her login to that person. CTC incorporates BioSig-ID, a student identification verification system, in its distance education courses to ensure that the person who is completing the coursework is the enrolled student.

Blackboard users can change and reset their own password and are advised to create a secure password per CTC IT guidelines. Students must not share their login or any other access information. Those who do may suffer the consequences established by the CTC scholastic honesty policy.

Only the student's CTC ID, name, and email address are brought into Blackboard, and only the name is displayed in Discussion Boards and other communication areas.

CTC Instructors and staff participate in Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training. Each instructor only has access to his/her assigned courses in Blackboard.

The process of populating Blackboard with courses, students, and faculty is accomplished via a secure network. Blackboard is protected by a secure certificate as denoted by https://ctc.blackboard.com.

If you have questions about this privacy statement please contact de.techsupport@ctcd.edu.

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