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What's my learning style?

Central Texas College’s distance education courses are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Still, your preferred learning style can affect your success in a distance education environment. This short quiz will help you to see if distance education is right for the way you learn best. (Read more about learning styles at https://vark-learn.com/.)

For the questions below, select the answer that best describes you.

  1. If I am given a task to do,
    complete tasks best I work well without direct supervision.
    I work best when someone helps direct my activities.

  2. When it comes to group work,
    group work I like to work by myself.
    I benefit from working with other students.

  3. In terms of my work habits,
    work habits I set realistic priorities for completing my work within posted timelines.
    I tend to put off tasks until later — especially those that I don’t like.

  4. If there is something I must complete,
    something to complete I stick to the priorities I have set and make adjustments as needed.
    I have problems meeting deadlines.

  5. When I'm learning something new,
    learning something new I learn effectively from written assignments.
    I learn best from lectures and class discussions.

  6. Regarding instructions and directions,
    written instructions I understand written directions.
    I have trouble following written directions.

  7. When it comes to using a computer,
    computer technology I enjoy acquiring new computer skills.
    I get anxious when I have to do something new on the computer.

  8. Feedback from an instructor is always important, but
    instructor feedback I can judge my own progress in a course and can continue without immediate feedback from the instructor.
    I need immediate instructor feedback on each assignment to determine my progress in a course before continuing.


If you have questions regarding distance education courses at CTC, please contact Eagles On Call at eaglesoncall@ctcd.edu.

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