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Master Course Approval Process

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  1. After a master course has been developed and has gone through the four-step QA process, the appropriate Department Chair is sent a Department Chair Course Approval Statement via Etrieve. NOTE: The course development/revision process, QA, and Department Chair approval must be completed at least 30 days prior to course start date to allow for course copying and faculty review.

  2. The Department Chair has two weeks (ten business days) to complete and submit the form to DEET. If the form is not submitted within the deadline, DEET will send a reminder to the Department Chair and copy the appropriate Dean. The Dean will communicate with the Department Chair to identify issues and concerns and reach a resolution and set a new deadline.

  3. If the Department Chair Course Approval form is submitted with improvements listed, these will be addressed through collaboration between DEET staff and the Content Reviewer, and the course will be re-evaluated by the Department Chair.

  4. Step 3 will be repeated until the Department Chair approves the course.

  5. Failure to reach agreement will result in a meeting that includes the Dean, the Dean of Educational Technology, the Department Chair, and any other appropriate supervisor.

  6. When the Department Chair approval is obtained, the master course will be used for copying.
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