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Am I Ready to use Technology to Teach Classes?

take time to prepare course before students gain access
I can set aside preparation time to update my class before students have access to the content (72 hours prior to start date).
devote time to class each week
I can devote a minimum of 6-9 hours per week for each class I am assigned.
log in to class regularly
I will commit to logging into each class to interact with students, grade assignments, and provide feedback at least every 48 hours.
YesNoBasic Computer Knowledge and Access
have constant access to a computer
I have constant access to a computer that meets the minimum technical requirements.
have administrative rights on computer
I have administrative rights to my computer.
can identify computer operating system
I can identify the operating systems on the computers I use.
can identify browsers and browser versions
I can identify the browsers and the versions of the browsers on the computers I use.
can install software and plugins
I can download, install, and update software and plug-ins.
can run necessary applications
I can run applications that I need to use.
can attach and open email file attachments
I know how to attach files to outgoing email and open files attached to incoming email.
can copy and paste from word to email
I can copy and paste text from a word processor into an email message.
can take screenshot and email it
I can take a screenshot of my computer screen and send it in an email.
can protect computer from spam and viruses
I know how to protect my computer from spam and possible viruses.
can use CTC email to send and receive
(Current employees) I can use my CTC email address to send and receive email.
have active CTC Eagle Self-Service account
(Current employees) I have an active CTC Eagle Self-Service account.
YesNoFile Management and Word Processing
can create and manage computer files
I can create, save, and manage computer files.
can find files on computer
I can find files on my computer.
can save txt and rtf files
I know how to save files in .txt and .rtf.
can enter and format text
I can enter text into textboxes and use basic editing tools to format text.
can use spreadsheet software such as MS Excel
I can use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.
can open files in various formats
I can open files in various formats, to include .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .xlsx, or .docx.
can use presentation software such as MS PowerPoint
I can use PowerPoint and other presentation programs to create or edit learning materials.
have reliable access to internet
I have reliable access to the Internet.
can use internet navigational tools
I can use navigational tools on the Internet.
can use internet search engines
I can use search engines to conduct research on the Internet.
can determine validity of internet content
I can determine the validity of content on the Internet.
can identify website URLs
I can identify the URL of a website.
comfortable with technology
I am comfortable with technology.
willing to learn new technology
I am willing to learn new technology that will enhance my classes.
comfortable communicating online with students
I am comfortable communicating almost entirely online with students.
will make class easy for students to navigate
I understand the importance of ensuring that my class is easy for students to navigate.
know basic ADA compliance policies
I know the basic policies relating to ADA compliance.
will comply will copyright rules
I will comply with copyright rules with respect to use of content.

If you answered “No” to any of the items, please take advantage of the many resources and learning opportunities on the Faculty Resources page.

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